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Drink Backpack Mobile Beverage System

  • As a backpack one draws a type of backpack which is about providing the consumer with unconventional tactics to support him in a goal-oriented way.
  • Marketing also aims to gain an untypical advantage over the competitor.
  1. In drink merchandising, advertising is positioned on the backpack and in places where consumers do not always expect beer backpack advertising.
  2. The opportunities for advertising carriers are very versatile.
  • Drink Backpack is an innovative communications strategy that thrives on surprise effects.
  • With the backpack creative visions are presented in a very eye-catching way.

Since unusual campaigns can attract a lot of interest even on a low budget, is recommended by experts not only major brands, but also small and medium-sized firms and self-employed.

  •  Describes surprising displays of products that reach consumers in their  normal environment.  
  • This refers to the unusual implementation of outdoor advertising in public  spaces, e.g. innovative advertisement at the Airport, on Buses or Trams or in beer Catering.  
  • The focus is on a theme or an event in order to present your own brand.
  • Often the bag is also used at major events to carry out an image transfer to the own label.
  • If unusual actions or a spectacular installation are carried out, for  example at the point of sale. 
  • In campaigns, besides a creative drink idea, excellent preparation and careful planning are particularly important.
  • Success also requires that the campaign fits the brand and the target market.
  • Hot drink backpack is divided into different areas, whose boundaries are partially fluid.
  • The aim is to achieve as much attention as possible in the respective target group as quickly as possible.

Drink Backpack Video

  1. In addition, points of touch should be established so that users can deal with the campaign directly.
  2. Moreover, it is also advisable for successful.
  3. In order to reach the marketing goals, emotional triggers such as humor are often being used.
  • Many enterprises use the backpack campaigns to stage their brands or goods in an eye-catching way.
  • We always use multipliers such as beer  promoters.
In the fight for the consumers' interest, it is advisable to address the consumer group with commercials where they do not think they will be able to do so and thus stand out from their beer bottle competitors.
  1. Often the backpack of a drink only uses a manageable amount of money to reach its greatest possible effect.
  2. With innovative forms of advertising, the target groups are to be contacted emotionally, for perhaps because they have to smile, are taken by surprise or are shocking.
  1. This is a very creative advertising practice in which new products or trademarks are surprisingly staged.
  2. Various types of equipment are associated with it, among them.
  3. The boundaries of these areas are fluid.  
  4. Through emotional events, advertising can be perceived more strongly by consumers and remain better in their minds.
  5. Campaigns can achieve high awareness in a more positive sense and can spread more virally.
  • For example, unexpected fashion shows or flash mobs in the pedestrian street are some examples.
  • This is how campaigners try to convey their marketing messages through unconventional marketing measures.
  • With the backpack various goals can be pursued.
  • In general, the aim is to make products or trademarks known or to strengthen their brand image.
  • In the past, this form of advertising was often used to promote new beer bottle products. 
  • Also in the field of sports is a popular advertising technique.

Drink Marketing is assigned to Below-the-Line-Communication, as it usually does not use classical techniques, but more unconventional measures, with which customers are directly and individually addressed.