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Rocket Packs Drink Backpack

Sossenheimer Weg 48     65929  Frankfurt-Germany

Tel:  00 49-(0) 69 95 29 77 08   Fax: 00 49-(0) 69 95 29 77 09

We are only 10 minutes to Frankfurt Airport

A further form of the Backpack Drink distribution

  •  In addition to the typical distribution channels, which are also used in a similar form by other industries, the concept of drink distribution often includes home delivery and fixed delivery services as special additional services.
  • Home delivery service means that customers can usually order their weekly requirements of drinks for an additional charge.
Vendor Tray Bellytray Hawker Tray

Such an additional service enables Drinks sales to set itself apart from other competitors, whereby the service can be offered from bellytray or vendor´s tray or hawker´s tray to both commercial customers and private customers, in this case usually in conjunction with a minimum purchase quantity.

backpack drink dispenser foe event and marketing
  • Fixed delivery service means that Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser distribution takes over the supply of festivities and larger events. 
  • In many cases, the beverage sales department also provides the fixed inventory as well as mobile dispensing and cooling 


  • With the right idea, an experienced and committed team, and professional equipment (such as high-quality drink backpacks, modern beverage packs and mobile stands) we can draw targeted attention to your product or company.
  • Our experience and knowledge from the catering sector can be perfectly combined with promotional work. 
  • This gives us a big lead for the effective and targeted implementation of your promotional campaign.
  • Many years of experience and a nationwide network of good business partners open up new avenues for us from which you will also benefit.
  • It all starts with the idea – we implement it!
beverage backpack
  • Drink Sales middle class
  • Sales department middle class
  • Instructions for sales in medium-sized companies:
  •  Strategy and concept for drink sales in medium-sized businesses with the beverage backpack!
beer backpack for 19 liter beer
Together with beverage backpack product development, production and financing, sales is one of the most important processes in a medium-sized company.
drink backpack
How sales can and should be structured in concrete terms is determined by a number of different factors, including market conditions, the range of services offered, the coffee backpack business model, financial strength and cooperation agreements.
Guidance for sales in medium-sized companies:

The acquisition of new customers?

  1. Drink Backpack then supplies the customer with the beverages ordered and usually also takes the empties with it.
  2. Product information "Rocketpacks beverage backpack, 19 l".
  3. No compromises were made in the production of the Rocketpacks beverage backpack. 
  4. All the experience and developments of the Rocketpacks, proven for more than thirty years, could be incorporated into the design.
  1. There is an additional pocket on the front for complementary equipment.
  2. Now New:
  3. The Rocketpacks is now also available in the version with a practical connection for the optional filling system. 
  4. Via quick-release couplings, the backpack can be filled quickly and conveniently by the wearer without having to remove it.
  • Features:
  • large filling opening for easy and quick filling
  • two-layer, robust construction
  • ergonomically padded shoulder and pelvic straps
  • chest strap for better fit