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  • Make your drinks backpacks known with classic poster advertising
  • Classic but effective is clearly poster advertising.
  • A beautifully designed poster attracts all eyes and if the poster hangs in a place that is frequently visited and preferably close to the supermarket where the drink is sold, the chance that the consumer will buy it increases immensely..
The good thing about posters is that you always notice them - even if only subconsciously - and you will definitely notice the product shown in the supermarket, and that is exactly what marketing wants to achieve.
  1. How to advertise drinks effectively?
  2. All people have one thing in common: we all have to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid to stay alive and maintain our health. 

Infinite possibilities are summarized here?

  • Since we are surrounded by poster advertising everywhere, this is also very unobtrusive marketing.
  • So it's very simple, but still effective.
  • Welcome to the amazing world of Beer Vending Trays! We are a fantastic company that offers great products and incredible support throughout the whole process. Our trays are top quality and perfect for any event or gathering. Thanks for choosing us!

    Drink Backpack

    With a drink backpack beverage catering at the highest level we can offer your guests variety in the choice of drink and give you a night without obligations. A professional cocktail bar with a twist for example, can backpack be a memorable highlight of your drink event .

    Upon request we will design your drink backpack  very own "branded " cocktail for your event ( eg a matching of color and choice of drinks cocktail) . 

    Put together or consult drink your own beverages from us. 


    We are backpack on your side . stands for an emotional event and result-oriented management. 

    From idea to implementation , we stay close to the customers and their needs. 

     For both, drink we provide creative ideas. Whether stylish lounge backpack or cozy Sixties Bar, we provide you with opportunities at hand to make the selected room is drink backpack individually and tastefully . 

    You drink backpack can rely on our years of experience in the field of gastronomy. Perfect drink service and a smooth process are the most important thing for us. 

    Our bartenders are characterized by backpack particular rhetorical friendliness and safety . 

     provides you with decoration, plants, furniture , lighting equipment and design and Ideen.Hochwertige in drink the event area are becoming increasingly important. 

    We also backpack follow this trend with excellent rental furniture in lounge style . 

    Talk to us about your ideas , we are happy to present you a selection of furniture that inspire your guests wird.

    Unsere passionate work for a fresh and drink creative cuisine will make your event an enjoyable drink backpack event and what could be better than a compliment to the hosts.

    Our backpack services range from small drink private reception at home , the wedding party in a stylish venue , or list your Business event . 

    Choose your individual buffet matched to the  drink backpack occasion ...

    Years of drink experience and know-how help us to help an event to the glory it deserves . 

    Space & Light Concepts For the backpack atmosphere of a drink backpack successful event a well thought out concept of space is essential. 
    Light drink supports the perception of your organization profile.

    aterers Service drinkbackpack  "Around the Party" Food and drinks are of course an essential mainly a party. 

    Good planning of drinkbackpack the entire logistics and implementation is a prerequisite for the success of your event. 

    Delivery of food (on request with care) Collection and drink cleaning of dirty dishes Contacts with music and entertainment Decorative objects , furniture, drinkbackpack toilet facilities and much more. 

    Planning of company outings Throughs of shooters , folk festivals and Fire Meals at Jungendzeltlagern Children and Youth backpack  Events of all kinds existing drink suppliers for Zeltanlagen catering. 

    We work with various caterers who can offer you many different tastes and like to discuss your ideas . 

    Of course, you drinkbackpack also have the opportunity to even hire a caterer or even bring your own " creations " . The drink Fleet Pearl responds to all requests and is happy to assist you with your planning . BEVERAGES without "LIMIT " 

    We deliver exclusively backpack  known brand spirits and give only good  drink quality (best) beers and soft drinks. is not included in the drinkbackpack package ! 

    Through my years of experience I can offer you advice and backpack  assistance. Our goal is : 

    They celebrate ... we drink conjure up for you! Our service includes the following:drinkbackpackPlanning and execution of your party , partially or completely Room and drinkbackpack table decorations for Provision of dispensing systems and / 

    or dispensing cart backpack  Providing staff drink  Creation of menus , buffets, canapés , e

    Nevertheless, it is only a part of many , so that your hard also a success. 

    I have made ​​it my mission my backpack clients to drink help according to the drinkbackpack celebration event to give the necessary advice, and in the vigorous implementation .
    Your caterer drink backpack man if it is to be something special ! Caterers Event alike. Family party , seminar, cocktail party or a gala evening 

    There are many occasions in which we can contribute as a professional catering and party services to organization, decorations and a delicious meal to the success . 

    Talk to us . With friendly service , excellent quality and drink backpack man good value for money , we want to convince you and your guests from our party service company. 

    Party man service, beverage service , catering You backpack plan your event? 

    Whether a wedding , anniversary or just the New Year party , we will create an individually man tailored to your drink needs . 

    From the planning to the successful conclusion of your party we are happy to advise you.

     Complete service backpack for your event drink backpack man complete service Enjoy your event relaxing with your guests and leave the complete catering our professional hands. 

    From the planning, to drink backpack man the design of the premises bishin the friendly staff we care about your event .drink backpack manWhether the party tent or service personnel for each man service , you can of course also drink orders individually . Party buffet , menus, appetizers , Food and Drink No compromise on quality, freshness and backpacktaste is top priority for us. 

    We prepare for you fine canapés , varied buffets, antipasti or seasonal dishes. 

    Find detailed in our menu. We would be pleased to advise you in the selection . 

    Rental of party tents , bistro tables , furniture hard accessories and drink backpack man hard accessories But they have a suitable venue will need the necessary equipment . 

    Want a man festive banquet table or rather rustic beer tent atmosphere. 

    We supply the basic furniture such as chairs , tables, beer tent sets , counters , etc. but also thedrink  feast of accessories umbrella for the afternoon until the light chain for the evening flair. 

    Crockery , man cutlery and crockery backpack decoration , accessories, drink backpack man  table decoration, flower decoration We can arrange for man you festive tasteful , original and drink trendy or rustic to suit your needs and to match the occasion. 

    Crockery , cutlery , napkins , we are also happy to loan. You backpack decide if you clean cutlery and crockery cleaned back to us or we can man clean for a small fee drink from us.  

    For over years, we offer a drink variety of catering for man events in different sizes. 

    With years of experience we can advise you of the planning to the successful backpack completion of drink backpack man your celebration .

    Our service mandrink backpack partner for catering have the right recipe. 

    Whether man you invite " a jump " or to celebrate a big party, have a fondness for Bavarian specialties and international dishes wish - with ourdrink  service partners for catering your guests a taste .

    Contact skilfully as hosts staged. For backpack virtually any equipment , each and every style of hospitality food and beverage wish is perfectly feasible .

     It is best to seek advice . Our service partner drink for catering would be mandrink backpack pleased to suggest how your event a culinary success wird.ompetente consulting, long- fair experience.
    mandrink backpack
    man imaginative design , exceptional backpack service and professional, reliable implementation of your individual trade show
    Everything from one source: 

    design, planning , facilities , equipment, staff,  man food and drinks. Your qualified partner for stand parties, happy hours, after work parties drink and mandrink backpack conference catering .
    Our special for you: 

    fresh each day prepared, man  regional sausage specialties from drink our own.

    uct saving , space saving , mandrink backpack hygienic  man delivery of your food in a forward-looking, reusable drink containers . 

    Supply of sandwiches in many variations , coffee, cakes , fresh fruit and  snack specialties such as meat loaf, white sausages and roast pork.

    Cooled supply of soft backpack drinks in various sizes as well as beer , mandrink backpack champagne , prosecco and spirits
        Rental of kitchen appliances such as coffee machines, juice dispenser , beer dispensers ,  man refrigerators, dishes and glasses as well for the duration of the event is your good partner backpack for the drink catering industry. 

    Whether small bistro , fine meal restaurant, or a bar, which is the best resource of independent partners . 

    In a personal interview , we find  man the optimal solution for you.


    You celebrate ! - We mandrink backpack deliver !

    Whether a family celebration , mandrink backpack club event or Open Air :

     Use our Festmobiliar and contacts , for example, for additional services such as drink catering, in order backpack to realize a successful event ! 

    You mandrink backpack can also access a call back service , which every time you backpack subsequently supply chilled drinks .