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  • Beverage distribution?
  • Instructions for backpack coffee distribution
  • The word beverages is the generic term for all those liquids that are intended for drinking. 
    • Beverages are consumed for three main reasons, namely to quench thirst, as food or as a stimulant.
    • The task of beverage distribution is to ensure that the respective beverages are available in the agreed quality, in sufficient quantity and at the required time at the place of demand.
    1. Basically, beverages are divided into different categories based on various criteria:
    2. A classification is made according to whether they are non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.
      Non-alcoholic beverages include, for example, water, soft drinks and fruit juices.
    3. Depending on their alcohol content, ingredients and method of preparation, alcoholic beverages are divided into spirits, sparkling wines, wines and beers.
    4. Another classification distinguishes between cold and hot beverages.
    • Cold drinks are drunk at room temperature or chilled and are usually used for refreshment.
    • Hot drinks such as coffee or tea are heated before consumption.
    • beverages are also distinguished according to the basis on which they are prepared.
    • For example, there are water-based drinks, plant-based drinks, drinks made from fruit and milk-based drinks.
    • Sometimes, however, the boundaries between the types of drinks are fluid, so that several differentiation criteria apply equally to one drink.
    • Which beverages a beverage distributor markets depends on its design. 
    While a brewery, for example, as a manufacturing company, distributes its own beverages, a beverage wholesaler, as a distribution partner of several manufacturers, can take care of the distribution of a very wide range of beverages.

    nstructions for backpack beverage distribution?

  • Milk itself, however, does not belong to the product group of beverages, but is a nutrient fluid and, due to its fat content, only suitable as a thirst quencher to a limited extent. 
  • Mixed drinks that contain milk are, however, again part of the drinks.
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